Wi-Fi for iOS


  1. Connect to “beachnet-guest-access”. 
  2. Apple iPhone will automatically redirect to this sign-on page – Welcome to CSULB wi-fi page
  3. Click the “Students, Faculty and Staff” button. 
  4. The website will redirect to the SecureW2 cloud, and automatically detect your operating system. sign-in page to launch wi-fi
  5. Click the Sign In button. 
  6. Go through the usual campus sign-in method, including Multi-Factor Authentication. single sign on page for CSULB
  7. Click “JoinNow”.  join now screen for wi-fi service
  8. Allow the website to download the configuration profile. pop-up asking to allow a download 
  9. Once downloaded, Close the dialog and follow the instructions provided on the page.  pop-up saying profile downloaded 
  10. Open Settings, return to the top level of Settings if necessary, and select “Profile Downloaded”.  iOS settings  
  11. Click Install.  Accept the warning about non-private MAC address, and click Install. asking to install profile wi-fi warning notification before installation  
  12. Click “Done”.  profile installed page 
  13. If desired, double check your Wi-Fi Settings to ensure that you have successfully connected to eduroam. wi-fi page connected to eduroam


For assistance with connecting to Wi-Fi, please contact the Technology Help Desk at (562) 985-4959, or at helpdesk@csulb.edu, or by submitting a ticket.

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