Smart Map Top Features and Resources

The following are a few of the most useful resources students can utilize for their campus experience. See the CSULB Smart Map for even more functions and resources beyond this list. 

See Student Technology Campus Resources (Extended Version) for additional technology campus resources.

Walking Directions from Buildings 

Note: These instructions demonstrate using directions by entering a starting point. Note that if you use "From my location" as your starting point, location services must be active on your mobile device for that setting to work.

Alternative Written Instructions for Video:

  1. When visiting the CSULB Smart Map page, click Buildings By Category under the Locations tab.
  2. Click the category of the building you wish to view. Since the video is using the Library as an example, click Administrative Buildings.
  3. Scroll to the Library (LIB) and click on it.
  4. In the top left corner, select the third diamond icon for Directions
  5. Select the Person Icon for walking directions. Then type the starting point of the directions. For this video, it's G7 Parking Lot. 
  6. Click Get Directions.
  7. Drag the interactive map to the starting position and click the + in the top right corner to zoom in 
  8. Drag the map to follow the highlighted route to the destination of the Library. 

Buildings by Category 

If you help locating a specific building, Buildings by Category offer a categorized list of buildings on campus on the map, along with images. 

Outdoor Wi-Fi Locations 

Select the Outdoor Wi-Fi box for a highlighted version of the interactive campus map to showcase the areas on campus with outdoor Wi-Fi. highlighted checkbox for outdoor wifi


Need wheelchair accessible routes, locations and more? See Accessibility

Student Resources: For Each College and More 

Each specific college offers valuable student resources and is highlighted on the map with specific building numbers. Beyond each college, there are also university wide resources available. 

Technology: Computer Labs and Help Desk 

See Technology for computer labs and the Technology Help Desk locations. 

Health and Safety 

Health & Safety highlights areas throughout campus that offer health and safety resources for all students. 

Shuttle Information 

Campus Shuttle Stops not only show the various shuttles and their specific routes that run throughout campus, but provides a live tracker for each stop that gives an approximate arrival and departure time. 

Parking & Transportation

For more information on where to park on campus and additional transportation information such as bus stops, see Parking & Transportation.  

Self-Guided Tours

Experience a lovely interactive Self-Guided Tour of the campus from your device as it offers both panoramas and images of different areas on campus. Directions to any of the tour spots are also provided, along with additional tours such as the Japanese Gardens. 

screenshot of wellness tours of campus list

Food & Dining 

Hungry on campus? Food & Dining provides a list and highlights it on the map of where to grab a bite on campus. 

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