Campus Guest Account Creation


This form is to be used to obtain a CSULB email address, or other necessary systems access, for an individual who is not an employee or student of the campus. Email addresses and access should be granted only on a limited basis for reasons that benefit the campus. Departments who authorize this access accept responsibility for terminating access once it is no longer needed. In addition, departments must ensure that appropriate training is completed to avoid inappropriate access or violations of our campus Information Technology policies.

Form not to be used if individual requires on-campus parking


Step 1: Campus Sponsor/Initiator accesses the Guest Account Creation Form and identifies the Guest receiving access and the Administrative Services Manager (ASM) or MPP Designee who will approve the request.

Step 2: Once the form is completed, the Sponsor/Initiator will receive confirmation that the DocuSign form is completed. The completed form is automatically routed to Staff HR for account creation in the CMS system.

Step 3: Once the account is created in the CMS System, a corresponding campus computing account will be created at the next synchronization cycle. Once the account is created, the Campus Guest will receive a welcome email to their 3rd party email account with instructions on how to set a password.  


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