Wi-Fi for Android - Manual Method


  1. Forget all previously used CSULB Wi-Fi networks including beachnet-guest-access and beachnet+.
  2. Access your Settings menu
  3. Select Connections or Network & Internet
  4. Select Wi-Fi settings or Wi-Fi networks
  5. Select the eduroam Wi-Fi network.
  6. Change the following settings.
  • EAP method to PEAP  EAP method
  • Identity to your campus email address (for example: Prospector.Pete@csulb.edu)
  • Password to your password
  • Select Use System Certificates from CA certificate.  CA certificate
  • Domain to wifi-portal.its.csulb.edu  Domain
  • Under Advanced, ensure that the Phase 2 authentication is MSCHAPV2  Advanced setting
  1. Tap Connect.


If you still cannot connect after trying the above steps, please refer to the following for assistance:

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