Required Personal CSULB Website Content Transfer

To prepare for a required server upgrade, the following message was sent to personal CSULB web site account users (also known as tilde accounts).  There is an estimated 2,700 student and employee users that were notified on September 3 and 28, 2021 using a listserv named

The follow-up reminder email sent on September 28, included the article Migrating CSULB Personal Website Contents Using Filezilla's FTP Client which may be a helpful resource.

Message Content

From: CSULB-Tilde-Accounts <CSULB-TILDE-ACCOUNTS@LIST.CSULB.EDU> on behalf of DoIT ServiceManagement <>
Date: Friday, September 3, 2021 at 12:38 PM
Subject: Required Personal CSULB Website Content Transfer by Oct. 27

Division of Information Technology

Owners of personal web sites on campus servers (also known as tilde accounts):

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) has prepared a new server which supports your web content on your personal or site.  Your personal web pages must be moved to this new environment by October 27th. If your web pages are not moved, they will not be available by anyone on the Internet.

This change is needed because the current software (Red Hat 6) reached end of life November 2020, which means the vendor software is no longer supported. DoIT purchased temporary extended support to allow the campus time to transition content to a new, updated environment.

No Longer Need Your Site?

If you no longer need your website, please let us know if you wish to retire it by submitting a request.

Still Need Your Site?

If you wish to maintain your website, we ask that you follow this process by October 27th:

  • Cleanup – Consider identifying any old content that you do not need to transfer. 
  • Transfer – Once relevant content is identified that you need to keep, copy/transfer your content to the newly provisioned mount point located at[campusID|name]/ in the designated location. 
    • The method of transferring from the current web server to the new server should be done via an FTP Client.  This is the connection information to connect to the new SFTP Server:

Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
Port: 22 [if necessary]
User: [your campusID or username]
Remote site: same as current but all web content will need to reside inside public_html

The method is a matter of dragging and dropping from htdocs to public_html.  Once you've completed uploading files, you can test your new site at:[campusID|name]/

  • Test – It’s possible that old PHP (if applicable) code may be deprecated in newer versions, so functionality should be tested, and code updated as needed. As of this writing, servers will be updated to version 7.4.6 or newer. Here is a working link to see the current PHP version on the servers:
  • Status updates – If you host static pages for your website, you can simply port over the current content (please only port over current pages and delete unused files). Please contact to confirm that your site is ready for the go-live date. Use the same email to notify us of any issues you may encounter with the move to the new location.

Thank you for your assistance with this effort. We’ll be checking in periodically. For any questions or issues, please contact Technical questions may be directed to


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