Migrating CSULB Personal Website Contents Using Filezilla's FTP Client

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The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) has prepared a new server which supports your web content on your personal homeweb.csulb.edu/~campusID/ or homeweb.csulb.edu/~yourname/ site.  Your personal web pages must be moved to this new environment by October 27th. If your web pages are not moved, they will not be available by anyone on the Internet.

This change is needed because the current software (Red Hat 6) reached end of life November 2020, which means the vendor software is no longer supported. DoIT purchased temporary extended support to allow the campus time to transition content to a new, updated environment.


  1. Connect to ftp.csulb.edu (current server where your personal site now resides) 

    a. Host: ftp.csulb.edu 

    b. Username:  Your CampusID or UserName 

    c. Password:  Your CampusID or Username Password 

    d. Port:  21 (if necessary) 

    connecting to ftp.csulb.edu

  2. Create a new directory on your local computer.  In this scenario, a new directory is created called “new_home_directory” located at My Desktop.create directory window
  3. Copy all contents you intend to migrate to home.csulb.edu server into this new directory you just created. In this case, I will copy (drag and drop) the directory named “htdocs” from the remote site to the new directory named “new_home_directory”. desktop new directory
  4. Connect to the new home.csulb.edu server with the address using the same credentials with the following details: 

    a. Host:  sftp://sftp.csulb.edu 

    b. Username:  CampusID or Username 

    c. Password:  Your CampusID or Username Password 

    d. Port:  22 (if required)

    home.csulb.edu server
  5. Copy all the contents within “htdocs” that you downloaded to your local computer earlier from the directory called “new_home_directory” to the remote site’s folder called “public_html”. remote site public_html folder
  6. Once the transfer is complete, you can now view your migrated site on the new server at https://home.csulb.edu/~campusID or https://home.csulb.edu/~username.   For testing purposes, here is a working personal site:  https://home.csulb.edu/~018834268/


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