5.0 Telephone Instructions


There are generally two types of telephone sets.  These telephone types are available when requesting new service. Please be aware that analog sets and digital sets are not interchangeable. This means if an analog phone is currently in use, only an analog phone can be installed without any changes to the phone line; so if a digital phone is requested, the phone line must be specially serviced to work with a digital phone. A digital set will not work properly or at all if simply unplugged from one location and plugged in at another location. 

digital telephone modelanalog telephone model

Another type of physical desk phone is a SIP phone. Usually they are only implemented at office off-campus with a data connection to the campus. In rare cases it may be installed at a location on campus. The instructions for use are not contained in this section, but they are provided to users at the time of installation. 

There are also several different sorts of soft phones in use which may be application specific. Softphones work on a computer and may be used on campus or at a remote location. These include Virtual Phone (MiCollab), and MiCC Agent. 

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