4.0 Submitting Tickets & Service Information


Telecommunications for CSULB offer various services, and many options within these services. In order to submit a ticket for something related to telephones, go to www.csulb.edu/telecom and then select the most appropriate service. You’ll find descriptions on the selected service page to help you decide what to choose. Then click the Request Service button. You’ll be taken to a form to complete. Please keep the title to between 1 to 6 words. Details can be conveyed in the frame for Detailed Instructions. 

request service button

Once you reach the form, enter the ticket type according to what’s needed such as a repair to a desk set, a redeploy, or a bad line cord, should be reported as a Trouble Ticket. 

ticket type option

If you need to install, move, change or disconnect more than 4 lines, please download the multi-move file and enter the information on one of the five tabs for Install, Move, Change, Disconnect, or Add Virtual. 

arrow pointing to the excel attachment

If labels on the buttons of digital desk sets are out of date, the key designation guide can be downloaded and updated in a Visio or Acro\bat format. 

arrow pointing to a pdf and a word attachment

If you need additional guidance, please email ITS-Telecom or call extension 54480. 

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