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Most extension numbers on campus, that are called or used by people, have a voice mailbox. A voice mailbox is actually contained in a separate system called Call Xpress or CX. Mailboxes are not at all contained within the telephone itself or within the telephone system. As such, calls must be diverted to the voice mail number, extension 51234, for the call to be answered and processed. An extension number is usually the same digit pattern as the mailbox number associated with it with only rare exceptions. 

Security Code 

If you are new to a desk phone, or you’ve returned after an extended absence, you may need to request a security code reset. Before submitting a Voice Mail ticket, be sure you are listed as the primary user of the webapps.csulb.edu/campus-directory/ and if you are, then go to www.csulb.edu/telecom and select Voice Mail. Click the button to request service and complete the form. Be sure to click Yes if you know that your name has been entered as the primary user of the number in question. 

request service button

is this your mailbox question

If you are not the primary user, then click No and the ticket will be routed to your ASM for approval. When you access the mailbox after a reset or refresh, use the default security code CSULB (27852 on the telephone keypad) and then the system will prompt you for a new code that is at least 5 digits (no letters) in length. 

Reset and Refresh options are explained within the ticket form. 

reset options page

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