1.0 Just the Basics


If you are a new, returning, or transferred employee, you will find this section particularly helpful. You may be asking, how do I get a phone or why don’t I have a phone? A telephone, or just a number, is not always assigned to an employee. You may want to ask your immediate supervisor or ASM (Administrative Services Manager) about it. Or you can simply submit a ticket at www.csulb.edu/telecom and then click on Telephone Service; complete the form, submit it, and wait to see if it is approved. The speed chart required can usually be obtained from a fiscal coordinator within the department. Instrument or number assignment is always at the discretion of the department. If you do get a telephone on your desk, or if the department chooses to only publish your main with a central number, the number will always contain 5-digits for campus dialing and it will begin with the the digit “5” such as 54111. CSULB has most of the 985 prefix within the 562 area code. If the number provided to you starts with some other digit such as “4”, then it cannot be dialed directly from off-campus.

Directory Updates

The on-boarding process for new employees has been enhanced; however it is still a department’s prerogative to assign a particular extension number to a new employee, or a transferred employee. If a number is assigned to you, it will appear in the Address Book in Outlook. If our database indicates that you are the primary user of a number, then your directory record will be included in the data for the 911 database. You can check the online directory look up to see if your name has been added, or to look up your 5-digit extension to see what name is listed; just go to webapps.csulb.edu/campus-directory. In order to update an extension record, simply submit a ticket at www.csulb.edu/telecom  and then click on Telephone Directory Service; complete the form, submit it, and wait to see if it is approved.

Telephone Call Detail Statement

On approximately the 15th of each month, ITS-Telecom emails a call detail statement to all employees who have been specified as a primary user of a campus extension by their department.  This statement lists the time and date, number called, duration, and charge amount for each call made during the previous month.  Please note this statement is not a bill. The university is required by California law to distribute these statements to employees so that they have the necessary information to reimburse the university for any personal calls if their department requires it. Telecommunications does not regulate this process. It is regulated at the discretion of each department, their ASM, and their managers.

Please see the Voice Mail Related section to learn about accessing messages when you do not have the security code needed and require a reset or refresh.