Microsoft Teams - Classroom Specific Features

Overview and Activation Details

Beginning August 16, 2021:

  • Instructors will see new class teams corresponding with all their courses.
  • Instructors will see their class teams in their Microsoft Teams client software and have a pop-up notification in the app that informs them that their teams are available to activate.
  • Once activated, the class team will appear in the students' Microsoft Teams profile.
  • Students will have no notification or ability to see they are in a class team until the Instructor activates the team.


  1. Assignments:  A feature for distributing and assessing student assignments. NOTE: Currently this feature is very lightweight. We recommend using BeachBoard for assignments.
  2. Class Notebook: A feature for instructors to share class information and resources. If students post work to the class notebook, it is only visible to themselves and the instructor.
  3. Adding students to a Teams class: 
  4. Insights – View analytics for your course, including student progress, participation, trends across activities and assignments, and areas where students may need additional help.

Data Retention

Class teams are created at the beginning of each semester based on current course records.  Rather than continuously accumulate new class teams every semester, they are archived at the end of each semester. Archiving occurs 7 days following the semester's grade submission due date.  If an instructor or student requires access to an archived class team, a request may be submitted.

Other Resources

Introduction to Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Educator Center

Teams for Education Quick Guide PDF for a visual overview of major features and capabilities.

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