Accessing eduroam Wireless with an Android Device


This document is recommended if you frequently visit other campuses participating in the eduroam WiFi service.


NOTE: To connect to eduroam, you must have a valid campus or email account. If you have not activated your BeachID password, visit When resetting a BeachID password, it will need to be updated on all devices that use BeachID credentials to connect to WiFi.

  1. Connect your device to the campus WiFi network ‘CSULB-OnBoard’ 
  2. Open Chrome.  If the captive portal does not appear, type in the address bar ‘’ to continue. 
  3. On the CSULB device enrollment landing page, select the ‘Begin Device Enrollment’ link.  This will take you to SSO sign-on page 
  4. After authenticating, your device will be re-directed to the OnBoard Enrollment service portalinstall quick connect page
  5. User is directed to install QuickConnect install quick connect from google play store page
  6. User is left at the ‘uninstall’ / ‘open’ screen – do not open – must return to browser appgoogle play quick connect page
  7. On browser app, select install network profile install network profile page
  8. Demonstrating profile is being downloaded quick connect downloading file page
  9. Must OPEN downloaded ‘quick1x’ profile 
  10. Agree and Continue Quick connect agree and continue page
  11. Agree ‘While using the app’ page asking to allow quick connect to allow location
  12. Allow page asking quick connect to make and manage calls
  13. Continue (again) quick connect window asking to continue
  14. Select ‘Keep’ window asking to change location access for quick connect


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