Cisco AnyConnect Instructions


These instructions are for end-users who specifically require Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client to connect to off campus resources, such as Unisys data center hosting PeopleSoft applications.  All other campus users should be using GlobalProtect VPN for their general campus use.

For devices joined to the campus domain or managed by Endpoint/Intune, please install Cisco VPN from Software Center or Company Portal app.  URL to manually download client:


  1. Once client application is installed, launch Cisco AnyConnect client and enter name and click connect: VPN ready to connect window
  2. Ensure “csu” is selected and proceed to select “Long Beach” from the drop-down menu.Cisco Any connect drop down group menuCSU login page
  3. Enter your CSULB email address and click nextSSO sign in page
  4. Enter your CSULB password and click sign in.SSO enter password page
  5. Approve your sign in by using your preferred MFA Approve sign in request page
  6. Authenticate with Duo (CSULB is working on migrating from DUO to Microsoft MFA.  This step will be removed once migration is complete. Duo authentication required window
  7. Accept the terms and conditions and VPN client should now be connected. Connected window asking to acceptVPN connected


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