Eduroam Wi-Fi Onboarding Activation for Windows


The purpose of this process is to establish a unique device certificate for WiFi identification on ‘eduroam’.  Once enrolled, the new device certificate is used to identify you (as an student or employee) on WiFi ‘eduroam’ instead of using your BeachID and password.


In order for this onboarding process to work, you must physically be on campus to connect to the campus network.


  1. This has the benefit of being able to connect to WiFi even if your BeachID account is locked or expired.  Regular BeachID password changes have no impact to the device certificate.  After your password changes, no action is required on your enrolled device.
  2. This method retains each of your devices' trust certificate for eduroam WiFi for up to 5 years for students and 10 years for employees. This means not having to update your WiFi password for this duration, because your password is no longer involved.

Note:  As necessary, when certain certificates expire, you may be required to ‘re-enroll’ to update the profiles on your device. 

Installation Steps

  1. Connect your Windows computer to the campus WiFi network ‘CSULB-OnBoard’.
  2. Open Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge web browser. If the captive portal does not appear, type in the address bar ‘’ to continue.
  3. On the CSULB device enrollment landing page, select the ‘Begin Device Enrollment’ link. This will take you to SSO sign-on page
  4. After authenticating, your device will be re-directed to the OnBoard Enrollment service portal
  5. Click on the “Start QuickConnect” button Start QuickConnect button
  6. Click “ArubaQuickConnect” utility to Run it "Aruba Quick Connect" utility highlighted
  7. If you receive a pop-up such as this one, click Run Smart Screen pop up window
  8. Click Yes to allow the Aruba Networks application “QuickConnect” to run 
  9. Click Next to continue to OnBoard Enrollment process Onboard Wizard windows
  10. Click Yes to install the CSULB WiFi BYOD signing certificate Security Warning window
  11. Click Yes to install the CSULB WiFi BYOD Root certificate Security warning window
  12. Click Connect to establish a connection to eduroam using your new device certificate Configuring your system window
  13. The Authentication in progress will briefly display Securely Connecting to Network window
  14. Once connected, you may click Close Connection Summary window
  15. The web browser will indicate you have completed device provisioning Device provision complete window
  16. Important! Remove beachnet-guest-access and beachnet+ from your device. Select “Network & Internet Settings” wifi network and settings window
  17. Then select WiFi from the options on the left and then select “Manage Known Networks” wifi "Manage known networks" window
  18. If you have beachnet+ or beachnet-guest-access defined, click them one at a time and then click “Forget” Wifi manage known networks window


For additional assistance, please visit the Help Desk or contact the Technology Help Desk at or 562-985-4959.


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