Microsoft My Apps - How to Edit or Revoke Application Permissions in the Portal


Your My Apps includes services provided to you by CSULB.  However, you may see other third-party non-CSULB applications that you may have personally used in the past, which you may or may not want to keep. You may want to review and revoke permissions or clear saved account credentials.  These instructions show you how to revoke these applicaitons from your My Apps.

Removing permissions or accounts may break some app functionality.

Manage App Accounts

  1. Hover your cursor over the app in the My Apps portal, then from the three dot menu, select Manage your application. 
  2. The top part of permissions window shows what you personally consented to. Examples of apps permissions include the ability to access your calendar, contacts, or camera. You can revoke any of the permissions you consented to by selecting Revoke Permissions, however removing a permission may break some of the apps functionality. If you have problems after you remove permissions or accounts, contact the Technology Help Desk for additional assistance. My apps application showing Revoke PermissionThe bottom part of the permissions window shows what your administrator consented to on your behalf. This section isn't shown if there are no admin-consented permissions. You can't revoke these permissions because the administrator consented to them, and they're often required for your organization's policy.


Manage application permissions from the My Apps portal - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs


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