Student to Employee Email Account Conversion


When a current student is hired as a full time State employee, Staff Human Resources may request an employee account.  This initiates the process of converting the student account to an employee account.  A similar process may occur when a student becomes a full time non-State employee of an auxiliary organization, but the auxiliary organization's Human Resources department must add the new hire to their HR feed to DoIT and request this the account conversion as well.

All student and employee accounts reside in the same Microsoft 365 tenant, whereas previously, there were two separate tenants - one for students and one for employees.  As a result, Division of IT simply changes the email address domain from to 

Other Details

  • There is no need for students to provide consent before the conversion (as was previously the process), since no data (emails and files) will be lost in the conversion.
  • Student campus records are automatically updated with the newly converted employee email address.
  • After the account conversion, the student/employee must begin signing in to Single Sign-On using the new employee email address.  

Impact Students Must Know

  • The @student address will not be allowed to be maintained as an alias. This means all email sent to the former @student address will no longer be delivered, therefore, students must be informed of this so they can alert their contacts. (Internal campus records, however, will be automatically updated with the newly converted employee email address, so students will continue to receive emails from internal campus systems, such as BeachBoard, at their new address.)
  • In the case a student registers their email with services such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc. and need a password reset, they will not receive the email since it will not exist. Students must be informed of this impact if it applies. 


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