Microsoft My Apps - How to Create Your Own Tabs

The CSULB My Apps SSO service will provide two default tabs listing all your personally available applications:

  • All Apps lists all applications you have access to.
  • CSULB tab lists all CSULB-specific applications you have access to.

You can create your own tabs, also known as a "collection," such as for grouping your most used applications.

How to Create a Tab

  1. Select the Create button located toward the upper right of your My Apps page. Sample My Apps dashboard showing the Create option
  2. Create a name for your new tab/collection. Create a tab options showing the naming and add apps options
  3. Select the option to Add Apps by either selecting them from the list or by typing in the search bar.
  4. When done, you will see your newly created tab/collection listed next to your existing tabs.

Note: Creating new tabs/collections creates a duplicate copy of the app tile. This means, that your app tiles will still be listed in the All Apps and CSULB tabs.

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