Microsoft My Apps Single Sign-On (SSO)

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, the CSULB Single Sign-On (SSO) service will transition from Okta to Microsoft My Apps. The new SSO service will continue to be available at the same current website address:

Key Changes and Benefits

  • New SSO Login Page - The SSO login page will change to a CSULB branded Microsoft login page: CSULB My Apps login screen
  • New SSO Apps dashboard - All your available applications ("tiles"), will reside in a new dashboard/landing page, as shown by the following early preview: Preview of the new Microsoft My Apps landing page showing sample CSULB software applications
  • More convenient and secure - Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) services will only be required upon SSO login, and will no longer be required for individual applications, as it is currently for some of our specific applications (i.e., Student Center, Employee Center, Outlook and individual Microsoft Apps).  This means all your SSO services will be protected by MFA upon SSO login.

My Apps Functionality and Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will anything change regarding Multi-Factor Authentication?
    • Yes! One of the benefits of this change is that you will only have to use MFA when you first log in to Single Sign-On.  Currently, you have to use MFA for individual software, such as Outlook, Office 365 apps, Student Center, Employee Center, Faculty Center, and other CMS applications. Using MFA for these individual applications will be eliminated.
  2. Is there any functionality that allows me to customize My Apps?  
    • Yes. You will have the ability to create your own tabs and drag and drop copies of individual applications/tiles into them. 
  3. Is there a My Apps mobile app?
    • No, there is not a Microsoft My Apps mobile app at this time.
  4. I am an employee with CMS Finance access and I use Duo for MFA. Will I have to continue using Duo for MFA? 
    • At this time, CMS Finance users will have to continue using Duo MFA. This means after logging in to Single Sign-On and using Microsoft MFA, you will have to use Duo MFA if you click on your CFS tile. This is not the case for any other service in SSO.
  5. What happens to the old Okta login link?
    • The Okta login page at will remain temporarily active to direct any users using old Okta links, browser bookmarks, or browser search results. It will contain a message and chiclet that will provide a convenient link to the Microsoft My Apps login page.


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