Using a Microsoft MFA Registered Hardware Token

Background and Requirements

  • Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication allows the use of hardware tokens that can generate passcodes every 60 seconds. 
  • Hardware tokens can be provided to employees and students who are not able to use the more common second-factor authentication methods, such as using the Microsoft Authenticator App on a mobile device, receiving a SMS text code, or a phone call to a land line phone. 
  • For employees, hardware tokens must be authorized by one's Administrative Service Manager (ASM).
  • These instructions apply to employees and students that have been provided with a registered hardware token by CSULB Division of Information Technology.  Hardware tokens must first be activated and registered with one's account by Division of IT before it can be used by an employee or student.

Using a Microsoft MFA Enabled Hardware Token

When accessing a service that requires Microsoft MFA, you will be prompted with an onscreen message like the one below to enter your second-factor code.  It says to "Please type in the code displayed on your authenticator app from your device."

Dialogue box indicate the need to Enter code

  1. On the hardware token, press the button to generate a passcode.  It will generate a 6-digit number.
  2. Enter this 6-digit passcode on your device to complete your access.


There may be situations when a passcode does not seem to be accepted and an error message displays after entering the passcode.  If this occurs, please wait 60 seconds and press the button on the hardware token to generate a new passcode to enter.


If you continue to experience technical issues, please contact the Technology Help Desk at (562) 985-4959 or  


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