Microsoft Teams Meetings Live Captioning

Microsoft Teams now includes live closed captioning. Create speech-to-text transcriptions that will display during your Teams meetings to improve communication.

  • Please note: Teams captioning does not meet legal disability criteria for students who request disability-related accommodation. In these cases, contact for assistance.
  • For instructions on using captions in the mobile app, visit the Microsoft website:
    Use live captions in a Teams meeting.

Live Captioning Desktop App Instructions

Step 1:  Turn on “New Meeting Experience”

To enable the live captioning setting, you must turn on the Teams’ “New Meeting Experience” found in your personal settings.

  1. Select your profile picture at the top right of Teams, then select "Settings."
    setting link in profile menu
  2. Select "General."
  3. Under "Application," select the box for "Turn on New Meeting Experience..."
    General link and Application options

  4. Close the Settings dialog box and restart Teams so that changes take effect.

Step 2:  Turn on Live Captions:

  1. Click the three dots icon (…) on your meeting controls at the top right of your screen.
  2. Select “More Options.”
  3. From the dropdown list, select “Turn on live captions.”
    turn on live captions

  4. When you start to speak clearly and directly into the mic, you will see live captions at the bottom of your screen. Please note: captions include speaker attribution, so you know who is speaking.
    view of live captions appearing in bottom left side of screen
  5. You can turn off live captioning anytime by deselecting it from the “More Options” dropdown menu as described above.
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