Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Video Tutorials

Intro and Setup (5:17 duration)

This video provides a broader overview and details about the service.

How to Sign In Using MFA (1:00 duration)

This video shows what the quick login process looks like after MFA is enabled for your account and you've successfully setup your authentication methods.

How to Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication (2:50 duration)

This video shows how to set up the service for the first time after MFA has been enabled, such as on January 27 for students and February 24 for employees. 

How to Change Default Authentication Method (1:15 duration)

After your original authentication setup, you may have the need to change your original default method (mobile app push, SMS text, phone call) to another preferred method.  This video shows you how to do that. 



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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional step in the log in process that verifies your identity when you log into Microsoft services.