Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MS MFA) with MS Authenticator App - Quick Start Guide


  • This guide illustrates the one-time activation process upon first log in to a service requiring Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • MFA means when you log into certain campus applications, you provide two authentications of your identity.

  • The first authentication method is your Beach ID login.

  • The recommended second method is the MS Authenticator mobile app

    • SMS text message and phone call options are also available. For employees or students without a compatible device, a hardware token can be requested.

  • After setup, each time you access Campus Single Sign-On (SSO) you will be prompted for MFA. 

  • MFA will also be required for Microsoft products you have installed on your computer such as Outlook or Office; however, your MFA approval will be remembered, and you won't be prompted again unless you've been inactive in that application for 90 days or you change your password. 

MS Authenticator App Set Up When Setting Up MFA for the First Time

  1. Log in to campus Single Sign-on.  You will be prompted with a web browser message “More information required." Click “Next.”Web browser message pop up saying "More information required"
  2. Select “Mobile app” from the dropdown then click “Set up."Web browser window asking for additional security verification
  3.  Follow the prompts on the “Configure mobile app” window to: 
    1. Install the MS Authenticator app on your smartphone
    2. Add a “work or school account”
    3. Scan the QR image
  4.  When finished with setup on your smartphone, return to your computer browser session and click “Next.” Web browser window showing a QR code to be scanned
  5.  A test notification will be sent to your mobile app. Tap “Approve.”  Your setup is complete.

Manage Devices

  1. In a web browser, login to Single Sign On (SSO) at
  2. Select any SSO service (Campus email, OneDrive, Office, or SharePoint).
  3. From within the service, click your personal icon in the upper right corner
  4. Click “View Account.”
  5. Click “Security Info.”
  6. Click “Add method” to add a new device or change/delete to manage current devices. It is recommended you add multiple devices, even if you don't plan to use them. This will ensure you have alternative access in the event you lose a device or get a new phone.

Manage Default Authentication Device

To change your existing default sign-in method, click “Change” then select one of the following:

  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Phone - Call
  • Phone - Text

Security info pop-up with the methods to sign into one's account


For assistance with MFA, please visit and search for “MFA” or contact the Technology Helpdesk at  or 562-985-4959.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional step in the log in process that verifies your identity when you log into Microsoft services.