Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - How to Manage MFA Login Methods/Devices

This article illustrates how to add or remove second factor devices for Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). When possible, it's highly encouraged that you add multiple options for second factor in the event you lose your telephone or get a new device.  

Manage Options from the Additional Security Verification Page

To add, change, remove second factor devices; or to change your default second factor, visit this additional security verification page.  Follow the page's prompts to change your default MFA log-in option or add/change/delete your MS MFA log-in methods.  Be sure to click save button when you've completed your changes.

Add Methods and Change Default


Alternative Method: Manage Options by Logging into Your MS Account Security Info Page

  1. In a web browser, log in to Single Sign-On at
  2. Select any Microsoft service. For this illustration, we will select the Office 365 Portal.
     MS Service Tile in SSO
  3. From within the service, click your profile icon initials (or image) in the upper right hand corner, and then click View accountView Account option
  4. Click on Security Info and manage your sign-in methods/devices as needed.
     Security Info

 Add a New Device or Change/Delete Sign-In Method

  • To add a new device or change/delete a sign-in method, click “Add method,” “Change” or “Delete” as needed. Remember:  Adding sign-in methods is recommended to ensure you have alternative access if your device is lost or stolen or you get a new phone. Manage Devices

Change Default Second Factor Devices

  1. To change your default sign-in method, click “Change,” and then select a method Change Default
  2. Select the new default options from the previously added methods from the dropdown that displays, such as Microsoft Authenticator, Phone – call, Phone – text.  NOTE:  Newly added methods here may have a processing delay as to when newly added methods will appear in the drop-down selection.  If you are attempting to change your default method to one you have just added, you may have to wait several hours before it appears in your list of available methods. 
     Change default option

Video Tutorial for How to Change Default Authentication Method