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Microsoft Authenticator is a free mobile application (app) that you install on your mobile device or tablet to receive easy, one-tap push notifications (or generate login passcodes) for authentication. The app works with the campus Two-Step Verification service to make your login more secure. 

Using a mobile device with the Microsoft Authenticator app is the preferred verification option for two reasons. The app is free to the University, and it enables push MFA, a quick, simple, and secure way for you to approve a Two-Step Verification request with one tap or “push” of a button on your mobile device.   

After installing the Microsoft Authenticator app, you're ready to use Two-Step Verification.

Install Microsoft Authenticator on a Mobile Device

For Apple (iOS) Devices

For Android Devices

Additional Microsoft Authenticator Guides 

Quick Start User Guide for Microsoft (MS) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with MS Authenticator App

Microsoft Authenticator App Frequently Asked Questions for Troubleshooting




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