6.3 MiCC User Guide


Departments can use MiCC software to manage call centers efficiently by allowing employees to log in and out of groups as needed, automatically routing calls to available agents, utilizing a queue and allowing clerical time when calls are finished. 



Supervisor Features

Information Manager

Report Manager

Viewing Call Records


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How To Log In

Open the Agent software in the Mitel folder under programs. 

Agent software in Start window

To log in, enter your username, 4-digit password and extension number. For Extension Type, choose “Soft Phone” if you are answering from your computer, or “Desktop Phone” if you are answering from your campus phone.

User Logon window

Becoming “Ready” To Receive Calls

Click the phone icon to become ‘Ready’ to take calls. The icon will turn green to indicate you are ready/available.

Agent Sessions window showing Phone icon that says "Make Ready"

Receive Calls

When an incoming call is routed to an agent, a pop-up window will appear prompting the agent to answer or reject the call. Call window will display the service group and calling party. Hit enter or click “Answer” button to answer. 

Pop up window showing answer or reject call.

In-Call Actions

In-call actions bar

Hanging Up And Clerical Time

Once a call is finished and the agent hangs up, the agent may go into clerical time so they can regroup, take notes, etc. Clerical times for each group are determined by department. To exit clerical time, use the button in the toolbar. 

Window showing that a call is finished and the agent hangs up


To transfer or conference, while a call is on the line, hit the hold button. Click the call button to call another party, and once both calls are on the line, click either the transfer or conference button in the toolbar.

Two calls showing up on the line, about to be transferred

Real-Time Call Window

To monitor all calls both in progress and in the queue in real time, click the “Display Real-Time” icon. 

Pop up window showing "Display Real-Time" icon

In the Real-Time window, click the “Select Groups” button to choose a group to monitor. In the Group Selection window, highlight the group in the Available field and then click the arrow to move it to the Selected field, then click “OK.” 

Group Selection window popping up

Double click the header of the RealTime window to snap into client (optional).

Using The Directory And Address Books

To access a list of all published extensions on campus, click the “Directory” tab. Use the search fields to search for listings and double click to call the extension.

Directory tab showing listings

To add/edit contacts in the address book, click the “options” menu and click “Display my Address Book.” Double click the header of the Address Book window to snap into client (optional).

"Display my address book" option from drop down menu

To add contacts, right click in the address book and click “New.” Enter the name and number and click “OK.” To remove contacts, right click the listing and click “Delete.”

Address book after right clicking a contact to show a list of options such as "New"

Logging Out

To log out, close the application. When the confirmation pop-up appears, click “yes.” 

Supervisor Features

Force Agents Ready

To change the status of agents in their group, supervisors can click the “Force” icon in the toolbar. When the force window appears, click the agent account you want to force on/off and click the appropriate action button at the bottom of the window. 

Force window

Agents will receive a notification when they have been logged on/off or made ready/not ready.

Agent notification showing they have been forced "Not Ready"

Information Manager

Supervisors can view real-time group and agent activity with Information Manager. Open Information Manager under Mitel suite and log in with username and 4-digit password.

Information manager window

Viewing Service Group Information

To view service group details, go to the Service Group Overview Window and click the group icon. Group Icon

Service Group Details Overview Window

Viewing Service Group Agent Information

To view service group agent status, go to the Service Group Overview window and click the agent icon. Agent Icon

Service Group Agent Status window

Viewing Agent Group Agent Information

To view agent group agent status, go to the Agent Group Overview window and click the agent icon. Agent icon

Agent Group Agent Status Window

Report Manager

Supervisors can view group and agent stats with Report Manager. Open Report Manager under Mitel suite and log in with your username and 4-digit password. 

Running Reports

To run reports manually, double click a report template from the list. Some reports will have 2 versions of templates, one with data only and one that includes a graph (see icon to left of report name).

To view a sample output with field headers, click the “Report Outline” button. To run a report, click the “Generate” button.

Report Manager - Report Template List Window

In the Contents tab, enter report title and select the service group. 

Generate Contents Window Pop-up

In the Settings tab, enter your parameters and file name, then click Generate. 

Settings tab

To view report output, look under Report Files and click One-Time. Double click your user name, then double click report names to view.

Report Files window from Report Manager

Creating A New Report Template

Under Templates, click User and double click your user account. Right click in the right hand pane and click New User Template. Enter template name and parameters and click OK to save.

Scheduling Reports

To schedule a report, right click a report template and click New Schedule. In the Contents tab, enter report name and parameters. In the settings tab, be sure to enter schedule type, time range, file type, and file name/email address for output. Click OK when finished.

Scheduled Report Settings

Viewing Call Records

To view call records for a service group, click Call Records. Enter search parameters and click OK to view records.

Call records tab under Report Manager


For technical support, please contact your local technical support team. Please refer to the Technical Coordinator Contact List.


Printable MiCC User Guide (PDF)