How to Access Student Remote Labs


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CSULB is allowing students to have temporary remote access to select computer labs on campus. This will allow you to work with software that you may not have available at home.

Some applications may not work as intended due to limitations of remote desktop.

Summary of Connection Procedure

  1. Connect to campus network using VPN when off campus
  2. Access the CSULB Student Remote Labs website
  3. Connect to an available computer and log on
  4. Log off the computer when finished

Connect to Campus Network using VPN When Off Campus

NOTE: a VPN connection is not required and will not work if accessing these Remote Labs while on campus.

  • A VPN connection is needed before accessing the remote labs when off-campus. Follow the instructions for your operating system:
  • For Windows users: Windows already has the Remote Desktop software that is needed to connect to the remote computers. Please proceed to the next section.
  • For Mac users: Make sure you have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed. If you don't have this, you can download it from the macOS App Store.

Access the CSULB Student Remote Labs Website

Visit the Student Remote Labs webpage for your college

Note: VPN connection is required when off campus.

Connect and log in

  1. Browse the available computer labs for your college and choose an available computer.. You can also search for computers that have specific software installed.
  2. Select the Connect link of an available computer. A Remote Desktop file will download to your computer. When complete, open this file.
  3. Once you open the Remote Desktop file that was downloaded and then connect, you will be prompted to enter your logon credentials.
  4. Use your CSULB email address as the username and your Campus ID password as the password.

Finishing your Remote Session

When you are finished with your session, you must log off from the remote lab machine so that it's available for others to use. You can do this by clicking on the Start button, then on the icon that looks like a person all the way on the left side of the screen, and then on the Sign out option.

Additional Help

If you need additional help, create a ticket with the Technology Help Desk or contact them at or (562) 985-4959.


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