Re-Connecting Outlook App on Mobile Devices


This may resolve issues where email is not syncing on one's mobile devices.  Re-connecting one's account on a mobile device may require deleting the record of the mobile device and then re-connecting the account.


  1. Sign in to CSULB Single Sign-On ( and click on the Mail button. 
  2. Once in your mailbox, click on the gear icon near the upper-right corner. 
  3. In the Search Outlook Settings field, type in ‘mobile’ so that ‘Manage mobile devices’ shows up.  Click on that, and see if you can delete/trash the mobile device on which you have your Outlook app installed (the trash can should appear if you hover over the device listed w/your mouse cursor). 
  4. After you’ve deleted/removed the device from the list, go back to your Outlook app on your phone to reconnect and check to see if all the emails load back onto the account.  


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Tue 7/14/20 4:59 PM
Tue 7/14/20 5:01 PM