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Creating a Custom View in Outlook 2010

A view is a way of displaying different columns within your Navigation Pane.

Creating Additional Calendars in Outlook 2010

Outlook has the ability to have more than one Calendar within your Mailbox.

Customizing the Ribbon in Outlook 2010

The ribbon is a set of toolbars and commands you may need to complete a task, located at the top of the window in the Office application. In all Office 2010 applications, the File Ribbon is fully customizable.

Delegating Access in Outlook 2010

Delegate access on Outlook allows a user to grant another user permission to access his or her email or calendar.

How to create an Outlook 2010 mail merge

Outlook Mail Merge allows you to send personalized messages that can be sent out to a large number of recipients.

Managing Quick Steps in Outlook 2010

Quick Steps allows you to reduce multi-step tasks by automating common or repetitive tasks.

Scheduling Meetings in Outlook 2010

You can send a meeting request to one or more people. When creating a meeting request, you can add attachments, set a location, and use the Scheduling Assistant to choose the best time for your meetings.

Using Custom Contact Groups in Outlook 2010

Contact Groups can be used to send e-mail to multiple recipients, schedule meetings quickly with the same groups of people, and for other similar tasks.