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Accessing a Shared Mailbox Using Outlook for Mac (on Office 365 and Outlook 2016 for Mac)

Shows how to access a shared mailbox whether it is shared with you or if you are a delegate for another user's mailbox.

Creating Accessible Emails

People who are blind or have low vision can better understand and read your emails if they were made with accessibility in mind.

CSULB Mailing Lists for List Owners and Moderators (L-Soft)

CSULB Mailing Lists allow faculty and staff to communicate to groups of people for various academic and administrative purposes, such as campus or college newsletters or as a moderated or unmoderated discussion group.

Email Account Clean Up Process for Compromised Accounts

When a University email account becomes compromised, the malicious hacker ("phishers") can sometimes wreak havoc on the compromised email account. This article provides a basic list of recommendations that a University email user may find necessary to do to ensure the email account is restored to normal conditions.

How to Add CSULB E-Mail to Outlook Mobile Application

This article provides instructions for adding CSULB provided E-mail accounts to the mobile Microsoft Outlook application available via respective application stores.

Labeling Unwanted Email as Junk

You can label unwanted email as "junk" in order to program your email application to treat all future emails from the same senders as junk, which will then route those emails directly to your "Junk E-Mail" folder instead of your inbox.

Using Shared Accounts

Once a shared account is established, Outlook users with full permissions will be able to access the shared account from within their personal @csulb inbox.