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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to a log-in utility that allows you to enter your BeachID User Name and Password once and then access certain web applications during an Internet session without having to log in again to each application.

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Campus Guest Account Creation

The Campus Guest Account creation process provides technical access to CSULB systems for approved guests. The process is initiated at the Department level and once the form is completed, accounts are created in systems of record. It's the Department's responsibility to terminate access once the engagement is completed.

Since Campus Guests do not visit campus, this account will not provide them with access to the campus parking system.

Employee Technology On-Boarding - Future Hire Process

This article outlines the Employee On-Boarding process from the Information Technology and system access perspective. New employees who do not follow this process will not have timely access to University systems.

How Alumni and Former Students Can Order Transcripts

This is article provides instruction for requesting official transcripts for alumni and former students.

How to Resolve Student Center 'Not Authorized' Error

This article is intended to provide context and a solution to the 'not authorized' error message encountered when accessing the Student Center.

Preferred Name Change Process for Employees

The following article provides instructions for updating employee preferred display names. This will update display name across campus systems and email address username; however, an alias is created for the previous address.

Preferred Name Change Process for Students

The following article is intended to guide students through submitting a preferred name change. This allows student to edit only their first name as displayed across numerous campus systems, including MyCSULB, BeachBoard & BeachMail